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MAZURIA 3 (MAZ-3) –burnt, brushed twice, dyed during impregnation, polished. The result is a brushed wood structure with visible grain and knots. In any RAL color that results from the dye pigment added to the impregnating agent. The last process, which is polishing the surface, allows you to achieve a unique blend of black and brown colors resulting from the tanning and brushing process and the color given to the wood during tinting.


Siberian larch A/B


internal walls, external facades, fences, ceilings, decking

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Burned boards MAZURIA are variants on wood of Siberian larch in various colors, intended for indoor and outdoor use. Apart from the MAZURIA – 3 variant described above, the MAZURIA – 1 and MAZURIA – 2 variants are also available.

* Are you interested in the color version? - whole range of RAL colors available.

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