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Backyard office

Workspace in your garden

An original house arranged for a private garden office? Save time for commuting, a place to work, concentrate, and at the same time rest and communing with the surrounding nature right outside the window? It sounds inviting.

Home office is the most common type of work these days. However, in such a mode it is often difficult to separate a comfortable place at home, peace or self-discipline, and the separation of the private and professional zones. Opposite there are solutions in the form of pavilion designs integrated into the garden space arranged for small offices.

Obraz zawierający zewnętrzne, drzewo, kamień

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IN BLACK – Backyard office

A reflection of the vision of working in the garden is one of the investments established in the Dutch province (Limburg). This home office is a solution that combines not only simplicity and functionality, but above all improves the comfort of work between tasks through a dose of peace and closeness to nature thanks to the beautiful vegetation around. The eye-catching black façade emphasizing the minimalist form and integrating it into the existing landscape is due to the use of wood fired using a special Shou Sugi Ban technique from the burned boards manufacturer of Wood of Fire .

Obraz zawierający zewnętrzne, cegła, materiały budowlane, bruk

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The natural coloring and maintenance of the boards by firing with the aforementioned technique makes the wood durable thanks to this process, and additionally emphasizes the aesthetic values ​​through the depth it has extracted. The black SILESIA 3 facade boards made of Siberian larch used in the project are therefore an ideal solution for investors who, in the case of planned investments, particularly appreciate the selection of high-class materials, their durability, but also natural beauty manifested in simplicity and raw form, thus creating a unique climate and space to live.


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