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Burned Shou Sugi Ban boards and protection against hard weather conditions

Who has not dreamed of an early morning with a view from the window of the beautiful Polish Tatra mountains emerging behind the clouds over a cup of good coffee or tea? Anyone who would like to slow down in life, should remember this name…PrzyStań nad Listepką.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In a charming place on a hill, from which you can enjoy the panorama of beautiful Polish nature. It is here – in Łopuszna, investors have decided to build summer houses for rent, which will be a unique space for relax and rest.

Ecological. Natural. Timeless.

When we think about building a house in the atmosphere of a modern barn, one of the important issues that comes to mind is, above all, the choice of raw materials. Despite the introduction of many other utility materials in the market, wood is the most often used in the facade finising process, which apart from it’s beneficial properties, fits perfectly into the natural landscape, which is so priceless nowadays. The fired boards used to cover the external walls are a product from the Polish producer Wood of Fire. In order to obtain a unique carbonized structure and color depth, they have been subjected to intense heat treatment in special furnaces, thanks to which they have gained not only an extraordinary aesthetic values, but also favorable properties. Using the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method known for thousand of years, the wood benefits from excellent conservation and is properly protected against weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Firewood Shou Sugi Ban – Natural Beauty in your sight

Fired facade boards made of Siberian larch SILESIA 2 is a variant for anyone who wants to make its facade characterized primarly by the finish of high-quality raw material, its beneficial properties, but also natural beauty and extraordinary visual qualities that will be enjoyed for many years. Seeing many unique implementations, such as a modern BARN withe the use of fired boards thanks to the Shou Sugi Ban technique, it is not surprising that it is one of the most common choices and a way that ensures a good durability of the raw material, and at the same time the desired appearance.

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