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Decking boards Shou Sugi Ban by Wood of Fire

The decking at home is a unique place where on warm days we like to spend our free time, rest, talk and meet friends. So let’s arrange your dream oasis of relaxation properly. The basic decision is to choose the material from which we will make the decking. In this article, you will find some tips on whether you should consider a wooden deck made of Shou Sugi Ban burnt boards

One of the advantages of fired Shou Sugi Ban decking boards is a unique look that no one will pass by indifferently. Appropriate impregnation by burning the wood and then securing it with appropriate measures allows the wood to remain functional for years!

In the era of tropical heat, an important advantage of Shou Sugi Ban decking boards is the fact that the wood does not heat up as much as composite boards, which are quite often used as a replacement for terrace boards. When buying Shou Sugi Ban decking boards, it is worth paying attention to their thickness. The thicker the board, the more durable it is. We offer boards in various variants from 24mm to 27mm. When choosing Shou Sugi Ban decking boards, we recommend choosing a board made of Siberian larch, which, thanks to its unique feature, can confidently compete with exotic boards in terms of durability. If you are interested in purchasing Shou Sugi Ban decking boards – please contact us! We offer decking boards made of pine, spruce, thermal pine, accoya and many other types of wood!

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