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Fence made of fired boards Shou Sugi Ban

The fence is a showcase of our home. It should create harmony with the surrounding architecture and landscape and at the same time it can be an element that attracts special attention with its appearance which cannot be ignored.

Burned wood is of great interest as regards the raw material that can be used in the process of put up a fence. Natural color, originality and unique style are the hallmarks of fired boards, but what is also worth paying attention to when we choose a material is increased resistance to weather conditions, durability and excellent maintenance, where each of the properties without the use of chemical preparations can be obtained thanks to the Shou Sugi Ban method. Another aspect is of course the assembly, which becomes an easy and quick task with a properly prepared surface.

Thanks to the appropriately selected natural colors and unique texture obtained through the firing process with the above-mentioned technique, fences made of fired wood will fit into any architectural style creating an above-average space.

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