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INTERIOR FIRE BOARDS – Nature in your Home

Living close to nature especially affects our mental health, providing us with relief and a calm mind. In our free time, we choose places where we can separate ourselves from the bustling, constant rush and noise of the city. How about inviting nature to your own home …?

BURNED WOOD – warm and modern decor on your walls

It is widely known that the heart of every home is a living room, where we spend more of our time and welcome guests, wanting to provide them with a cozy atmosphere and the best comfort so that they feel at their own home. If we want to create a space for relaxation and at the same time make our living room look unique, we must focus primarily on functionality, but also on aesthetics and decor, and thus – the choice of finishing materials. It is he who will give the interior an individual character and original design.

What distinguishes fired wood from other finishing materials above all it is natural look, a diverse structure, depth of color and of course an extraordinary atmosphere that investors and architects are constantly fighting for. Fired wall boards are the perfect solution and idea for an authentic decor in houses such as a modern BARN. Thanks to their original finish, extracted structure and colors, they perfectly fit into the rustic or Scandinavian atmosphere, thus creating an original space and a unique atmosphere.

The composition shown in the photos is the effect of finishing one of the walls with fired boards of the Riders Lodge Apartments by Razoo-architects. The Karpatia and Baltica wall boards used in the project using the Shou Sugi Ban method are one of the products from the Polish manufacturer of Wood of Fire boards.

WALL BOARDS SHOU SUGI BAN – beautiful look and more

The choice of the mentioned finishing material is a combination of simplicity and elegance, which in the blink of an eye can stunningly change the decor and give it the desired, original character. Boards fired with the traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban not only provide a unique appearance, but thanks to the aforementioned processing method, they also benefit from excellent maintenance and durability and thanks to their moisture properties, they create a microclimate that is beneficial for the human body. Shou Sugi Ban wall boards are a proposal for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality, but above all living closer to nature, which is absolutely priceless nowadays.

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