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Shou Sugi Ban and Wood durability over the years

Nature. Originality. Timelessness. These are just some of the features that distinguish the appearance and character of fired wood using the Shou Sugi Ban method. This technique except unusual aesthetic values, allows one of the best ways to maintain – the effect of durability for years.

Shou Sugi Ban and protection against external factors

Burning wood by high temperature generated in special stoves benefits primarily from excellent preservation. The charred layer formed on it is an additional protection against the effects of weather conditions and all kinds of harmful external factors, such as excessive moisture. Another aspect is the intensive heat treatment which, by burning cellulose in the wood, prevents fungi from growing and being eaten by pests. Thanks to the diffusion-hardened surface and a protective soot layer, the method allows for the creation of an appropriate hydrophobic coating and provides maximum protection against UV radiation. By firing in advance, the flammable surface is removed from the raw material, thanks to which the resistance of the wood is enhanced, and the effect of its durability and aesthetic values ​​can be enjoyed for many years.

Taking into account the above benefits of using the Shou Sugi Ban method, also known as Yakisugi, which is becoming known all over the world at such an intense pace, it is not surprising that it is one of the most common choices and a method that ensures good durability of the raw material and at the same time the desired appearance.

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